The headline of this blog post isn’t exactly accurate. If they’re already your customers, then you have, in fact, gained their trust. And earning your potentials customers’ trust is half the battle. The other half being that your customers have a problem, and your ability to properly convey that you have their solution.

After all, you are a salesman (or you should at least be thinking like one), and salesman are notorious for being scoundrels. A lot of us are actually pretty good guys and gals, even if the average person doesn’t tend to agree. So you’re going to really have to work for it.

Trust Must Be Earned.

Even well-established brands like McDonalds and Wal-Mart spend millions each year on marketing campaigns that aim to build trust with masses of consumers. Your brand and/or product is not different. You too must build rapport with visitors to your landing page or website if you expect them to hand over their credit card information, or even something as commonplace as an email.

You may not have a multimillion dollar ad budget to spend on TV spots and billboards, but you too can build trust and sell like the best of ‘em. Not only can you, but you must be able to effectively build trust with prospective customers if you hope to succeed in any kind of business.

Identifying and Overcoming Buyer Objections

In order to gain trust, you must be successful in overcoming all objections, either by addressing them directly or increasing the perceived value of your offer so dramatically that some of their objections suddenly become insignificant. Though I will say you’ll have much more success with the former.

Before you can figure out how to gain their trust, you must first identify what reasons they have to mistrust you or what you’re offering. These are what we call “buyer objections” and they’ll vary dramatically from product to product and customer to customer abapentin medicine. This is where it really helps to get into the head of your customers, which is an art in and of itself.

Tip: If you segment your traffic into distinct demographics, you’re going to have a much easier job overcoming specific objections as opposed to attempting to tackle ALL objections ANY of your customers may have.

Some buyer objections will be universal, like “can I trust this individual with my information?” While others are going to be specific to your offer, such as “is this product really capable of delivering X?”

Do you know what specific buyer objections are preventing you from making the sale? You better find out.

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