So you need SEO in Toronto, Ontario Eh?

Your search for a great search engine optimization firm in Toronto is over.

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You built a great company in Toronto… what’s next?

Don’t rest on your laurels! Your company’s website should be your BEST sales person. It’s on 24/7 collecting leads, sales and promoting your brand. We use a combination of search engine optimization, inbound marketing, pay per click advertising and local search dominance to boost your companies visibility online. This increased search engine visibility is tracked, analyzed and scaled to provide measurable return on investment for your business. Those sweet sweet leads.

Toronto SEO firms preach traffic. What is the difference between traffic and leads?

When looking for an professional SEO Toronto firm you need to understand that traffic and leads arefunny cause and effect essay topics different. Think of your website as a traditional retail store. Online “traffic” would be the pedestrians who walk by and see your store and online “leads” are the ones who come in and actually buy a service or product. You need to make the storefront appealing so a greater percentage of the traffic will become leads. We track everything and employ one of the best conversion optimization people in the business. We don’t just get you traffic, rank you for a couple keywords, then call it a day. We want your website to be a revenue monster. To do this we optimize your conversion funnel. The steps a stranger takes on their way to becoming a customer are extremely important and must be clear, concise and accessible. That is where SEO Beaver comes in. We get you the thousands of monthly leads you are missing out on RIGHT NOW and convert them into customers for your business.

We: Create Content, Drive Traffic, Convert Leads, and Multiply Your Revenue.

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100% Ethical SEO

A lot of Toronto SEO firms cut corners for a quick ranking boost, At SEO beaver we are committed to building you a strong website that delivers long term revenue for your company. We also avoid conflict of interest by not working for your competitors while we work on your campaign.
We are loyal, creative and honest.  

Marketing Accountability

Great Search Engine Optimization is not some magic formula. It is hard time consuming work. We spend our days analyzing charts, crafting content and pushing traffic. We explain the various parts of your inbound marketing campaign in detail and map out what exactly you get for your money. Deadlines and all.

Proof of ROI

Online Marketing and SEO in particular should never be a black void you toss money into. We deploy call tracking so you know exactly how many sales our marketing efforts have driven. Traffic is useless if it does not convert visitors into leads. A SEO company that can not show results in a measurable way is just as useless.

How much does all this cost?

Less than hiring Danny the intern to do it. (We'll do a better job too!)

We are big believers in delivering a quality service you will feel comfortable recommending to your peers. We definitely aren’t the cheapest option around, but when looking for Search Engine Optimization in Toronto, Ontario we certainly are the best. SEO Beaver adopts a long term focus for your website that promotes revenue, accountability, and growth. Simply put, we want to make your payment to us the easiest decision you make for your business all month. Hear that? It’s the sweet sweet sound of us getting to work and your revenue multiplying.