Our Process.

Inbound Marketing and Search Engine Optimization... with a twist.


We attract strangers to your site through cleverly written ads, engaging content,  and a solid search engine optimization strategy. With our help these strangers looking for your product or service become visitors which we can convert.


We convert your visitors into leads. SEO Beaver does this by split testing your landing pages, introducing Calls-to-Action and building your contact list. A great landing page is your best salesman.


What good are a bunch of leads if they don’t turn into customers? We help you focus on the lead sources that produce the most customers. This increases your close rate and skyrockets your revenue.

Analyze and Scale.

We are pretty data driven here at SEO Beaver. If you don’t know how you got your customers or where they are coming from, your business will have trouble growing. We track your conversion/sales funnel from the time your site or an ad for your site is clicked all the way until your phone rings with a lead or you make an online sale.


That’s great but what EXACTLY am I paying for?

We thought you would never ask! Here is a roadmap of your first three months with us.

Month One: Planning the Party.

We need to know the current state of your marketing efforts in order to plan properly. We conduct a series of audits focusing on your website’s Local Search Presence, Conversion Funnel and SEO. Once completed we explain to you what areas of your website are problematic and what we are going to do to fix them. After reviewing the report we then set about defining your companies purpose and goals. Talking to you allows us to understand how you obtain revenue and your normal sales process.
Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your website. Your business is most likely missing out on thousands of leads by not targeting certain keywords. We find these keywords and make sure those missing leads become customers.
Think of your website as a house. On-Page seo would be all the things you do to prepare for visitors. We overhaul your website’s content using the keywords we found during the keyword research phase. Google does its best to show the most relevant website for each search engine query. Strong on page search engine optimization makes sure you are that relevant website.
The amount of companies who have not figured out social is staggering. We make sure you have proper social accounts set up as well as Google Authorship. Social media is a fantastic way of interacting with your customer base and distributing quality content. If you don’t know your tweets from your pins don’t worry, we will walk you through it.
Plan your search engine optimization efforts properly!

Month Two: Setting the table.

We analyze how you currently acquire customers using any data you have then proceed to set up comprehensive tracking. We need to know where your converting customers are coming from. Once we know where they are coming from we need to know what actions they take on your site. We monitor everything from what they click to what elements cause them to leave your website. Knowledge is power.
What is content marketing? Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Simply put we write great content for your business that draws in customers and makes you money. The sites that rank the highest don’t just have a lot of links or a couple title tags changed. These top tier sites have authoritative content. We transform your website into an oasis of information that positions you as an expert in your field. 
Google has started placing local search results above organic results for some  search queries. If you are a Dentist, Lawyer, Doctor or Contractor, local search needs to be a key part of your online strategy. With all our campaigns we aim for the triple threat of local organic and paid listings for any one high performance keyword.

Month Three: Enjoying the feast.

Track. Scale. Profit.


By now we have brushed up your website with killer content, revamped your conversion funnel and built you some solid links.  You should already be seeing significant search engine positioning increases. It’s time to pull out the big guns. In month three we use the data we gained in months one and two to implement a solid pay per click campaign. As your site is rising organically we use this campaign to target other interested buyers. We also implement call tracking so we can know which leads are coming from organic search, local search or pay per click ads. Knowing where your traffic is coming from and how well it converts is the KEY to increased revenue. Now that we have the traffic we can design and split test different landing pages to maximize the conversion rate. We monitor where on the page your customers click, how far down they scroll, what elements are distracting them and at what point they abandon your website. All this data helps us form a clear picture of what we need to adjust to turn that steady stream of traffic into a boat load of sales.

Going Forward: We find partnership opportunities and new traffic sources for your business. Google is great but relying on only Google for web traffic is not the best move. Most inbound marketing agencies focus on just Google and social traffic. We know for a fact that there are 15+ other sources of great traffic other agencies are simply overlooking.

How much does all this cost?

Less than hiring Danny the intern to do it. (We'll do a better job too!)

We are big believers in delivering a quality service that you will feel comfortable recommending to your peers. We definitely aren’t the cheapest option around but we certainly are the best. SEO Beaver adopts a long term focus for your site that focuses on revenue, accountability and growth. Simply put we want to make your payment to us the easiest decision you make for your business all month. Hear that? It’s the sweet sweet sound of us getting to work and your revenue multiplying.

Google Certified. Data Driven.

SEO Beaver is a certified Google Engage Agency. This allows us to do many things such as hand out Adwords coupons with our packages. We bring a combined 30+ years of Internet Marketing, SEO and content experience to the table. Google Engage helps us tie all of it together to generate more revenue for you the client.